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About Me:

My interest in woodworking began with the many hours spent in the workshops of my maternal grandfather, a furniture builder, and of my paternal grandfather, a master wood carver. The multi generational love of creating with wood began with my maternal great-grandfather, some of whose furniture is still in my family.

I coach pole vault and teach ceramics at the high school level and am an avid sailor. I enjoy creating functional art with wood, ceramics, and metal, and am always ready to try something different.

My love of sailing has also had an influence in areas of my work. The clean lines and sinuous curves that are infused in my work are reminiscent of the ocean. The horizontal lines superimposed with gentle curves are like sunrise at sea… with no land for a thousand miles.
Along with designing and building furniture for many years, I worked with an interior designer installing model homes and custom homes, so have a varied skill set.

I am always creating, be it something that I just want to experiment with, or be it a commission from a personal client. I hope you enjoy your visual tour of my gallery.