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artist statement:

As an artisan looking at today’s mass produced world where everyday objects such as furniture, dishes and other household items are usually produced out of functional neccessity, and materials are dictated by ease of production, I look to the art world of today and the past, and to nature for inspiration. In creating functional art that is hand crafted and unique rather than perfectly reproduced copies, the furniture and vessels I create convey the sense that everyday objects, when handmade, can be, like humans, one of a kind.

My first foray into creating functional art began with the many hours spent in the workshops of my maternal grandfather, a furniture builder, and of my paternal grandfather, a master wood carver. The multi generational love of creating with wood began with my maternal great-grandfather, some of whose furniture is still in my family. My love of sailing has also had an influence in areas of my work. The clean lines and sinuous curves that are infused in my work are reminiscent of the ocean. The horizontal lines superimposed with gentle curves are like sunrise at sea… with no land for a thousand miles.

The materials I use; wood, stoneware, and porcelain, are of the earth like the water of the ocean, and just like every patch of the ocean has its own appearance and temperament, every piece of wood and every type of clay have their own appearance and temperament. Some are rough and some are smooth, but all have their own character which has its own beauty. I am always creating, be it something that I just want to experiment with, or be it a commission from a personal client. I hope you enjoy your visual tour of my gallery.